You have found the notebook and journal of Sir Alkian Bowguard, a knight of the highest honor and with an unbreakable code of chivalry. At least, he likes to boast about that. Or… liked is probably the more accurate word. 

Sir Alkian’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse is a guidebook for those who are looking to run apocalyptic scenarios in their 5e D&D games, ranging from an immediate danger that threatens the very structure of the world, to cases where the apocalypse struck a long time ago and people have lived in its wake for decades or centuries. 

The guide can be used to shape worlds touched by any kind of calamity, not just those of an apocalyptic nature. If a realm is ravaged by the powers of a cruel god or if society has fallen victim to a horrific disease, this book can serve as a guide on how an area reponds to such forces. 

Available now on DMsGuild for $12.95

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