Our beloved Volo has invited guests far and wide to celebrate the release of his new book: Volo’s Enchiridion to Making Friends. Unfortunately for Volo, one of his guests plans to murder him! Volo’s Guide to Getting Murdered is a murder mystery one-shot that ties in directly with Waterdeep: Dragon Heist!

4 Unique Villains! Your choice of four unique villains makes this adventure replayabile with swerves and red-herrings to keep everyone on their toes.

Inside a Walking Statue! The entire party exists inside the Hawk Man Walking Statue of Waterdeep, with full maps provided! 

19 Encounters! There are 19 encounters, 4 unique to each murderer, and others to make the mystery dynamic and ever changing. 

40+ Pages! 45 pages of location descriptions, NPC information, stat-blocks, a map, items, and more! This book is crammed with content.

Available now on DMsGuild for $4.95

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